“Good Old Days!" is NOCH's theme for 2021. Part of the theme are a wide variety of figures. Some sets are in a single scale while some are molded in more than one scale, including G, HO, TT, and N.

NOCH is releasing over 30 sets, not counting those duplicated in multiple scales.  The following is an incomplete list but if you would like to see each one, please go NOCH's website 2021 New Items page: NOCH New Items 2021 "The good old days!"

·        Santa Claus & Knecht Ruprecht

·        Paleontologists With Discovery

·        Hunters

·        People with Parcels

·        Concrete Workers

·        Covid Grocery Store Mayhem

·        Drunks

·        Farm family

·        Sheep shearing

·        Voyeurs

·        Beach Scenes

·        Sports

·        Market vendors

·        Flowers in Pots

·        Chickens



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