Atlas has released two sets of their Trainkids® Passenger Train sets. A regular one and a glow in the dark set.

Atlas Trainkids® Passenger Train Sets

It is good to see model companies appealing to younger generations.  With their Trainkids sets Atlas fills the gap between Thomas and Brio, and electric model trains.  It also gives dad a way to share the hobby with the "new hires."   With a peek at DCC, we have sound and lights:

  • headlight
  • horn
  • bell
  • "Welcome Aboard” announcement

You remember what it was like with glow in the dark paints and items. don't you?   Who doesn't want to see a phosphor Amtrak® Acela® racing across a grade crossing, or flicking through the trees? 

Trainset includes:
• Amtrak® Acela® Powered Locomotive and First Class Battery Car
• Cafe Car, Business Class Car and Unpowered Locomotive
• 38” x 56” oval incl. 12 Pieces of Curved & 4 Pieces of Straight Track
• Remote Control operated headlight, horn, bell & “Welcome Aboard”

*Battery Requirements (not included)

• 4 "AA" Batteries for the Train
• 2 "AAA" Batteries for the Remote Control

Not enough train for you?  Individual cars and locos are available, as are track extension packs.

Atlas Trainkids® Passenger Train

Atlas Trainkids® Passenger Train

A Bright Idea

Atlas has released a Trainkids® Glow in the Dark Passenger Train Set.  It has all of the above and it also glows!

Want to go beyond the loop or the figure 8?

For both the Glow in the Dark set and the regular set, Atlas has track sets to expand your kid's layout and imagination.    Switches, crossings, and re-railers.  These are available as separate sets or in packages.  Eighteen different track packages are available and you can see them through this link.

Figure-8 Expansion Set

Figure-8 Expansion Set

Left & Right Switch Set

Left & Right Switch Set

Atlas Trainkids® Train Set



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