Tangent Models has released their second line of HO/1:87 Cabooses with a number of DSI / SLCC Steel Bay Window Cabooses

Our “system” of cabooses includes these three build specifications:

Build #1: Despatch Shops Inc. NYC Lot 782 - N7 Class Steel Bay Window Caboose

Build #2: St. Louis Car Co. NYC Lot 827 - N7A Class Steel Bay Window Caboose

Build #3: St. Louis Car Co. Illinois Terminal Steel Bay Window Caboose

Pre-painted liveries of these HO/1:87 models include:

  • New York Central (NYC) - Delivery Brown with White Logo 1949+
  • Boston and Albany (B&A) - Delivery Brown with White Logo 1949+
  • New York Central (NYC) - Lot 782 Century Green Repaint with Large NYC Logo 1964+
  • Penn Central (PC) - N7 Green Repaint 1975+
  • Conrail (CR) - N7 Blue Repaint 1976+
  • Conrail (CR) - N7 Blue Repaint 1979+
  • Alton & Southern (ALS) - Red Repaint 1981+
  • Illinois Terminal (ITC) - Delivery Target Red 1953+
  • Illinois Terminal (ITC) - Green Oval Scheme Repaint 1960+
  • Illinois Terminal (ITC) - Green Personalized Services Repaint 1979+


  • KIT 1949+ (NYC)
  • KIT 1963+ (NYC-PC-Early CR)
  • KIT 1979+ (CR)
  • KIT 1975+ (ITC-NW)

Also expanded is the unique and useful parts line with the following NEW additions:

  • Running Board Brackets (40’/50’ Boxcar or Caboose)
  • Caboose Flags – Type 1 is a pack of the metal “flags”
  • 70-Ton Gould Plain-Bearing Caboose Trucks
  • Features for these HO/1:87 replicas include:
  • Dimensional accuracy - designed from actual blueprints and meticulous field dimensions using real tape measures
  • Highly correct “true to life” colors
  • “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement
  • Genuine Kadee® scale couplers
  • “Near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail
  • Multiple road numbers for each scheme, as appropriate
  • Era-specific body details for each RTR scheme, including multiple body roof and end window combinations
  • Wood, Apex “See through,” or no roof running boards/etch metal running board supports, as appropriate for the era
  • Railroad and era-specific ladder roof hand holds: Round, square, and none
  • Multiple roof equipment options including locker vents, radio antenna and toilet vent
  • End steps to match the prototype: Kass, Diamond, or “See through” Apex
  • Two different end walkways platforms – Diamond and Kass – based on the prototype
  • Unapologetically fine etch metal end window screens, where appropriate
  • Thirteen (yes, 13!) different end railing/safety appliances options, based on railroad and era
  • Seven different smokejacks to cover DSI, SLCC, PC and other replacement options
  • Unlit NYC/ITC oil lantern and NYC Pyle light options on the corner handrail posts where appropriate
  • Illuminated scale-sized PC and CR era end marker lights that can be controlled on or off – on each end – independently, where appropriate
  • Illuminated scale-sized CR and ITC late-era FRA end lights with a proper slow flash/prototype “decay” that can be controlled on or off – on each end – independently, where appropriate
  • Multiple side oil fill and overflow pipe options based on the prototype and era
  • Two “coupler lift bar” options per prototype application and era
  • Railroad specific battery/equipment box options
  • 4 different toilet pipe options based on the prototype and era
  • Windshield wipers applied to bay windows based on era and prototype use
  • Full railroad-specific interior – chairs, bunks, desks, lockers, sink and even 2 stove options! The interior is accurately apportioned and fully-painted with railroad and era-specific detailing. From the signature ITC double bunks to the NYC fold-down table and tufted cushions
  • Full underbody details – brake system with brake rods and piping, battery box, electrical plugs and conduit, water fills, axle generator and more – all based on the prototype and era!
  • Beautiful side details - wire grab irons, wire ladder rungs, wire roof hand holds, and wire coupler lift bars – no “molded in” plastic grab irons here!
  • Separate air hoses with mounting bracket detail
  • No complicated decoder. No complicated programming. No complicated electronics. DC/DCC compatible track-powered “no fuss” interior and marker light lighting – simple and easy to operate with included wand
  • “Warm” color LED lights for that “incandescent bulb” look of the prototype
  • CNC-machined standard RP25 .110” tread 33” wheels (Yes, semi-scale .088” wheels are available separately in both blackened and nickel-plated options!)
  • All-New precision Tangent Scale Models 70-ton Gould plain-bearing trucks with separate brake beam part, or Barber 70-Ton Gould roller-bearing trucks with separate brake beam parts, as appropriate for each paint scheme
  • Recommended age 14 years and older

For more details head over to: https://www.tangentscalemodels.com/nyc-despatch-shops-incorporated-and-st-louis-car-company-bay-window-caboose-system/

Please remember, when contacting retailers or manufacturers, to mention that you saw their products highlighted here – on RailRoad Modelling.



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