Accurascale has finally confirmed yesterday that they will be producing a series of OO/1:76 MGR, CDA and MHA Hoppers

New Announcement; The MGR, CDA and MHA Family!

It's time to reveal our worst kept secret and formally announce a wagon project we alluded to last October; the MGR coal hopper wagon family of HAA, HBA, HCA, HDA, HFA, HMA and HNA, as well as the CDA China clay hoppers and MHA spoil wagons in OO/4mm.

The full breakdown of the tooling suite is as follows:

• CDA china clay covered hopper

• HAA/HOP AB as built body

• HBA 'rebodied' style body with uprated brakes/suspension and 'aerodynamic' canopy (ex-HDA)

• HCA/HOP 32 AB with 'as built' style body and canopy

• HDA 'rebodied' style body with uprated brakes/suspension

• HMA 'rebodied' with modified brake distributor (ex-HAA)

• MHA with later-style body

• HAA rebodied

• HFA rebodied with 'aerodynamic' canopy

• HNA 'rebodied' with modified brake distributor and'aerodynamic' canopy (ex-HFA)

• MHA early style body

• CBA lime hopper

• MAA/MAB box open (ex-HAA)

A grand total of 23 different three-packs will form the first production run, split into two batches. Batch one will consist of the HAA, HCA and CDA which are due in Q4 2021, and batch two will be formed with the MHA, HDA, HMA and HBA which will follow in Q2 2022.

Prices will be £74.95 per three-wagon pack, with bundle discounts of 10% applying when two or more packs are ordered together. The range will also be available from Accurascale’s growing number of over 100 local stockists across the UK and beyond.

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