Rapido Trains has released a number of HO/1:87 painted Pullman-Standard 40’ PS-19’ Door Boxcars as well as unpainted versions too

Pullman-Standard’s PS-1 box car line evolved to feature a variety of different door combinations in order to satisfy customer requests for “purpose-built” box cars. Across the transition and early diesel eras,between 1951 and 1962, Pullman-Standard built 9-foot door, 40-foot long PS-1s for several railroads. Each railroad specified different doors and other appliances, and as production progressed the exterior sill and end arrangements changed. Railroads purchased the 9-foot door cars for various services,including forest products, machinery, appliances, paper, and merchandise, where the large 9-foot door opening made loading with forklifts significantly easier.These cars wandered all over the North American rail network into the late 1980s.

 The Tangent Scale Models HO PS-1 9-foot door boxcar will stand out on your layout just like thereal cars did. Our models include incredible road-specific detailing, and wehave produced three road-specific body shells. Each model includes see-throughrunning boards, accurate door options, multiple hand brake options, wire brakepiping, release rods, metal underbody-mount stirrup steps, and fine bracketgrabs and ladders. Like all Tangent models, these cars come standard with HOscale’s most accurate colors and car stenciling. These models are finished withcorrect road-specific plain or roller bearing 50-ton trucks, representing atotal of four all-new truck designs for our 40’ PS-1 system car replicas.Finally, our cars are weighted properly and are equipped with Kadee® couplerswhich means they operate as good as they look.


Our May 2021 release includes four railroad schemes:

Green Bay and Western (GB&W) "Original 6-59"

Green Bay and Western (GB&W) "Original 6-59"

Southern (SOU) "Original 1951"

Southern (SOU) "Original 1951"

Chicago and North Western (C&NW) "Original12-56"

Chicago and North Western (C&NW) "Original12-56"

Milwaukee Road (MILW) "Original 3-1961"

Milwaukee Road (MILW) "Original 3-1961"

Also there are unpainted kit based on the following versions:

  • Undecorated SOU / L&C Body (7-Panel Superior Door)KIT 1951-1952+
  • Undecorated C&NW / L&N Body (6-Panel SuperiorDoor) KIT 1956+
  • Undecorated GBW / MKT Body (Pullman Door) KIT 1959-1961+
  • Undecorated GBW (‘New Pullman’ Door) Body KIT 1970s
  • Undecorated MILW / GBW Body (Superior Door) KIT 1962+
  • Undecorated MILW Body (Camel/Youngstown Door) KIT 1961+

These products are shipping today! A quick synopsis of our era and railroad-specific detail variations include:

• Dimensional accuracy - designed from Pullman-Standard plans

• Highly correct “true to life” colors

• “Hyper-Accurate” lettering including exact fonts and lettering placement

• Genuine Kadee® scale couplers

• “Near-scale” draft gear box with beautifully-rendered side “key” detail

• 6-12 road numbers for each scheme

• Very fine Pullman-style ladders

• Very fine Pullman-style bracket grab irons

• Rubber air hoses

• Road-specific details for each scheme, including:

   - Specific body side configurations for sills and door tracks

   - 3 different PS-1 end configurations

   - “See through”running boards (in 2 possible combinations)

   - “See through”brake steps (in 2 possible combinations)

   - 5 different brake housings (Equipco, Ajax, Klasing, Miner, or Universal as appropriate)

   - 5 different brake wheel options (Equipco, Ajax, Klasing, Miner, or Universal)

• Four All-New precision truck options (these will be available separately in Summer 2021!)

   - Tangent Scale Models 50-Ton Barber S-2 Roller Bearing truck – with rotating “Timken” bearing caps! Yes, this is a truck never-before available in HO scale!

   - Tangent Scale Models 50-Ton ASF A-3 Ride Control Roller Bearing truck – with rotating “Timken” bearing caps! Yes, this is a truck never-before available in HO scale!

   - Tangent Scale Models 50-Ton Barber S-2 Plain Bearing truck

   - Tangent Scale Models 50-Ton ASF “Ride Control” Plain Bearing truck

• CNC-machined 33” wheels, with blackened or nickel-plated semi-scale tread (0.88”) available separately, for either rotating or non-rotating truck options (see above)

• Recommended age 14 years and older


Don’t miss out on the Tangent Scale Models 40’ PS-1 9’Door Boxcar models, which went everywhere in North America! Everyone needs paper and lumber and general XM box cars! With accurate road name and era-specific details, genuine Kadee couplers, and all-metal wheels, we provide you with a high-value model that will provide you with years of enjoyment and curb-appeal. Pricing for RTR models is $52.95.

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