Hornby has been showing in their Engine Shed Blog the latest OO/1:76 samples of the W1 Class locos

It has been a while since we brought you pictures of the new W1 Class models. A decoration sample of the photographic grey streamlined W1 was featured in the March edition of the Engine Shed, while decoration samples of the other available model variations were shared towards the end of last year. In total our 2020 and 2021 releases amount to eight variations of the W1 ‘Hush-Hush’ making the locomotive one of our most thorough studies to date.

Since we last discussed the W1, there have been significant production changes introduced as part of a push to guarantee that these models meet stringent quality expectations. These latest decoration samples feature improved paint finishes as well as being assembled to an even higher standard. A few changes are still required, namely the inclusion of additional cab detail to bring the level of detail in-line with other Hornby upcoming releases.

Below are some images of our latest samples showing the extent of the Hornby W1 range:

The un-rebuilt group [above] featuring from left to right:

R3841 - LNER, Class W1 'Hush Hush', 4-6-4, 10000 'British Enterprise' - Era 3

R3840 - LNER, Class W1 'Hush Hush', 4-6-4, 10000 - Era 3

R3979 - LNER, Class W1 'Hush Hush', 1935 (Double Blast Pipe), 4-6-4, 10000 - Era 3

R3842 - LNER (Promotional), Class W1 'Hush Hush', 4-6-4, 10000 - Era 3

The Streamlined locomotives including, [above] from left to right:

R3978 - LNER, Class W1 'Hush Hush', Streamlined, 4-6-4, 10000 - Era 3

R3844 - BR, Rebuilt Class W1, 4-6-4, 60700 - Era 4

R3980 - BR, Class W1 'Hush Hush' Streamlined, 4-6-4, 60700 - Era 5

R3843 - LNER, Rebuilt Class W1, 4-6-4, 10000 - Era 3

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