Rusty Rail has been filling orders but now returned with new 3D printed resin cast models. A Model T and the Fordson Tractor are coming soon.

For the HO scale crowd...

1932 ford Coupe, item RRTK-H-12. The master for this car was 3D printed and then resin casted. You can even see the wire wheels.

Next, a set of vents for your building roofs, item RRBP-H-03. It comes with 2 cyclone vents in different sizes and an other style vent. You get to 3 vents times 2 so you end up with 6 vents in all.

The third item is a square vent, item RRBP-H-04, that goes on the side of a industrial building.

A couple of the next HO items coming soon are a Model T and the Fordson Tractor.

New O scale release

RRJP-O-17 This a junk pile made to be put against a building. As you can see the casting has a CAT engine and radiator and some other junk a lot of detail. Casting measures 5" long by 1" wide by 1 1/4" high.

What Else on the Horizon?

What Else on the Horizon?

I will be making 3d printed items like the tire rack you see in the picture.   These items are just too fine to cast. May cost a little more but the detail is great.



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