Our Northern Plains correspondent HARV again provides us with many scenes useful to model railroaders, and other model genres. Here he spotted this interesting round-end concrete grain elevator in Wyoming.

Grain Elevators

Especially in the American midwest and plains states, grain elevators are a mainstay of our agricultural infrastructure.  You can find them in many sizes and designs and materials.

I have no information about when this elevator was built but I definitely enjoy this unique concrete structure.

This facility offers numerous modeling ideas.  First, a large structure with a small footprint.  Second, I think it could easily be scratchbuilt with foam, cardstock, styrene and even wood; coat it with something to resemble concrete.  It appears to have been built of block and covered with a concrete shell.  Note the reinforcing bands.  While it does not appear to be in use, the plant growth around it is a good study of fallow areas found around trackside.  The small stand of trees offers a nice contrast to the building.

Note the birds

Note the birds



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