Atlas is pleased to announce the upcoming release of the Premier O Sanding Tower.

About The Atlas Premier O Scale Sanding Tower

Atlas announces these models:

A railroad sanding tower was a trackside structure designed to provide traction for locomotives as they traversed steep grades or slippery rail conditions. These towers were an essential part of ensuring the safe and efficient operation of trains, especially in areas with challenging terrain or adverse weather conditions. The primary purpose of a railroad sanding tower was to supply locomotives with sand, which could be applied to the rail ahead of the locomotive's wheels.

Sanding towers were strategically placed alongside the tracks at points where locomotives were likely to face challenging conditions, such as steep grades or curves. These towers held large quantities of sand in storage bins. Locomotives would stop alongside the tower, and an operator would activate the sanding mechanism.

Ordering Details

Item No. TWTL36 Long Island Sanding Tower
Early Order Price: $69.99
Click HERE to order.

Item No. TWTL37 MTA Sanding Tower
Early Order Price: $69.99
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Order directly from:

751 McDonald Ave.
Brooklyn, NY 11218



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