ATLAS has released a new Glow in the Dark Passenger Train Set in their Trainkids® range.


Atlas Trainkids® Passenger Train Sets

It is good to find a model company reaching out to younger hobbyistss.  With their Trainkids sets Atlas fills the gap between Thomas and Brio, and electric model trains.  It also gives dad a way to share the hobby with the "new hires."   With a peek at DCC, we have sound and lights:

  • headlight
  • horn
  • bell
  • "Welcome Aboard” announcement.

You remember what it was like enjoying glow in the dark paints and items. don't you?   Who doesn't want to see a phosphor Amtrak® Acela® racing across a grade crossing, or flickering through the trees? 

Each train set includes:
• Powered Locomotive and First Class Battery Car
• Cafe Car, Business Class Car and Unpowered Locomotive
• 38” x 56” oval incl. 12 Pieces of Curved & 4 Pieces of Straight Track
• Remote Control operated headlight, horn, bell & “Welcome Aboard”

*Battery Requirements (not included)

• 4 "AA" Batteries for the Train
• 2 "AAA" Batteries for the Remote Control

The set

The set

The Set

Starting off, the packaging is attractive and effective in protecting the set.  The shipping carton was badly crushed, as was the box.  Alas, the models are no worse for the wear.   Well done, Atlas.

A nice 10-page manual comes with the train set.

This set is remote controlled and both the train and remote are powered by batteries.  Four AA for the train, two AAA for the remote.  Two channels allows a modeler to run two trains.  Two screws  hold the battery box in the first-class car, which is permanently attached to the powered locomotive.  Two separate cars and a dummy loco round out the consist.   Atlas included a spare set of traction bands for the wheels.

An oval track carries the train.  It is HO so presumably you can run this phosphor train on your layout.  The track snaps together smoothly and tight.  No gaps seen between pieces.  While not in the set, Atlas makes turnouts and crossings that allows one to create a track plan beyond a mere oval (click here to see them); 18 pre-designed expansion packages are also available.

The two locos and three cars are also available separately if you would like a longer train.   How does it stay connected?  The cars connect with magnets.   Not once did a car unhook from the other.




It is easy to unscrew the access hatches for the batteries.  Each remote and powered loco sports a switch with which you can select a channel A or B.  Once the batteries are in and your channel is selected, you start the loco with a button just behind the cab.  It is ready to go.

The remote has buttons for functions, as noted above.  The train boasts several steps of speed selected with each push of the forward or reverse button.


With a buzzy growl the train moves.

You can activate the headlight, horn, bell, and conductor calling last boarding call.  They sound much better than I was expecting.

When the train moves, ditch lights help charge the train and the track to glow.  While it does not show well in the photos, the track does glow well in person.

Takin' a shine to the train

Takin' a shine to the train

Atlas Trainkids® Glow In The Dark Passenger Train Set, a brief demo-review


I admit that I think Atlas' Trainkids® Glow In The Dark Passenger Train Set is a fun model and I look forward to running it on track expanded with switches and crossings.  It looks good.  It feels solid.  The sound quality is far better than expected.

No doubt kids will like this set.  Adults, too - I know I do.  Recommended.



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