NOCH's theme for 2021 is "The Good Old Days" and you can't get much older than dinosaurs. NOCH announces additions to their hard foam range with bridges, archeological sites, and a cemetery.

Bone Yard

Bone Yard


Ready-made Structured Hard Foammodel
19 cm x 13.5 cm, 9 cm high

Ref.: 58613

Argen Bridge

Argen Bridge

Argen Bridge

Ref.: 58692

Waldtobel Bridge

Waldtobel Bridge

Waldtobel Bridge 

Ref.: 58694

Oberdorf Bridge

Oberdorf Bridge Oberdorf Bridge

Ref. 58696

Ready-made Structured Hard Foam Narrow Village Bridge. The Oberdorf Bridge is wide enough to allow for a single lane of traffic.

T-Rex Excavation

T-Rex Excavation T-Rex Excavation

Ready-made Structured Hard Foam model, 13.5 cm x 6.8 cm, 1.6 cm high

Ref.: 58614

NOCH Structured Hard Foam

These models are cast in a hard foam that is sturdy and models natural textures, takes paint easily, while being very light weight.

Roman Baths Excavation

Roman Baths Excavation Roman Baths Excavation

15.4 cm x 11.2 cm, 1.6 cm high

 Ref.: 58615



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